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Festival Pride of London Porter

This pride of London porter is based on a well known classic pub beer, and contains target hops. This beer kit ferments out at 5.2% abv to produce a classic London porter with dark chocolate and coffee aromas, and a slight herbal note to the character. The perfect hop bitterness is well paired with the smoothness of the chocolate and roasted malts.

The box contains 2 sachets of malt, a yeast sachet, priming sugar, as well as a sachet of hops and hop straining bag.

Festival beer kits are ready to drink in just 4 weeks and make 40 pints.

The festival range consists of 6 beer types

Landlords Finest Bitter
Pilgrims Hope
Old Suffolk Strong Ale
Golden Stag Summer Ale
Father Hooks Best Bitter
Pride of London Porter

Beer Kit Types
Amount of Malt ( flavour ) 3.6 kg
Pints Produced 40
Sugar Needed No
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Not the cheapest of kits, but this is quality. Some olds and porters can be quite heavy going - at the right time that's great and they can be very tasty! I've only made this once so far, but after 3 weeks in the barrel this is very easy drinking. It's quite light to drink, but has depth of flavour. I'm a big fan of Woodfordes Nog and I'm not sure it's quite on a par with that but it's definitely worth a try, I will be brewing this again. It's a different style of beer but the fact I am making a comparison is a compliment. If you like porters this is one to try. The Festival kits include 100g of priming sugar, and some contain hop pellets to be added mid fermentation and a filter bag to prevent siphon tube clogging. The box has a pump label sized beer label you can cut out - small detail but nice.

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