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Beaverdale Gewurztraminer - 5 gallon

Produces a very spicy wine with a pronounced, sometimes heavily perfumed bouquet. Generally dry with a slightly sweet after taste.

Sweetness : Dry
Oak : Light
Body : Medium

Wine Kit Types
Bottles 30
Grape Variety (Style) Gewurztraminer
Sugar Needed No
Type White
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This took about 2 weeks to ferment out at 16-18C and cleared in just 3 days at 10C. I avoided the stabiliser and filtered with Buon Vino filters 2 and 3. So far no hazing even when refrigerated mercilessly. The result probably needs sweetening as it tastes very sharp, but I decided to keep most of it sharp to match food - it goes very well with fried and spicy foods. The flavours are very much in the German canon, refreshing, grapey, scented, etc.

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