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California Connoisseur - Merlot 6 Bottles

A wonderful Merlot that is dry and medium bodied with a soft, supple fruity palate of plums and red berries. Its characteristic spicy aroma, accentuated with light warm oak, foreshadows the rich, round, smooth and mouth-filling flavour experience, finishing with lengthy elegance.
A must-try for Merlot lovers everywhere.

Wine Kit Types
Grape Variety (Style)Merlot
Sugar NeededNo
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Here is the entry from my log:Made: 16/05/07 Modifications: None Bottled: 01/07/07 Brewing comments: Fermentation became very vigorous after 2 days. I racked later than planned, by which time the sg was down to its final level. The sediment was so purple I thought there would be insufficient colour left in the wine itself! Racked the second time and fined on 08/06/07 (day 24). Racked a third time on 29/06/07 (day 45) Maturing comments: Tasted on 8 and 27 June. At first tasting, I thought ‘ Here we go again – another typical kit wine, nothing like the real thing.’ The second tasting, however, was a revelation. The ‘home made’ taste had disappeared, and been replaced by a subtle mixture of fruit flavours and a citrus edge. Drinking comments: Very, very drinkable.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
this is by far the best merlot kit i've tried to date.the wine has fermented quicker than the instruction's said and best of all it cleared out without the need to fine it.all i had to do was rack it off a couple off times and then filter it.

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