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This is a really beautiful acrylic jug / drinks dispenser. It holds 1.7 litres, and has a black flip..
£7.68 £7.53
This is the unique1960s Tala storage jar with flip top and ceramic lid - 500ml ..
£5.56 £5.45
This comes fitted with either a combined gas inlet/relief valve which can be used with the Widget or..
£23.65 £21.27
This cap fits the 5 gallon basic barrel and has a pressure release valve molded into the cap. It can..
£4.70 £2.86
24 Floral blossom covers from Kilner2 designs of 12 each...
£2.42 £2.37
12 each of 2 different haberdashery style covers for jars...
£2.42 £2.37
A heavy duty 25 litre (5 gallon) screw top plastic fermenter. Suitable for beer, wine or cider. The ..
£18.30 £15.34
Based on 3 reviews.
An elegant, belly shaped, double walled cafetiere that keeps coffee warmer for longer. Features a st..
£19.00 £18.63
This chrome cafetiere is designed to make superior coffee for the discerning coffee lover. Produces ..
£12.32 £12.08
Replacement 4 cap for the Brewmaster, Roto, and King Keg. Comes complete with O ring, and a brass..
£13.95 £13.68
Based on 1 reviews.
Comes fitted with a combined gas inlet/relief valve, a red bulb holder, and 10 CO2 bulbs. Not suitab..
£39.99 £39.21
Based on 2 reviews.
The cap has a basic moulded in pressure relief valve. You cannot add extra CO2 with this system. Thi..
£28.75 £27.60